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Mutual Fund Wiki
Mutual Fund Wiki
Debt Fund

This fund invests in fixed income instruments such as debentures (bonds), Treasury Bills etc. Preferred by investors who want steady income and not willing to take much of risk.

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American Depositary Receipt (ADR)

Shares of non-US companies traded in American stock exchanges in US dollars. ADRs work like any other share that we know of. They are negotiable receipts held in a US bank representing a specific number of actual shares (called ADS). For the American public ADRs simplify investing. So when Americans purchased Infosys stocks listed on Nasdaq, they could do so directly in dollars, without converting them from rupees. Such companies are required to produce financial results according to a standard accounting principle, thus, making their earnings more transparent. An American investor holding an ADR does not have voting rights in the company.

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Global Fund

 A mutual fund investing in stocks or bonds through out the world.

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Equity Fund

 This is a scheme that invests only in equity.

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Yield Curve

 A graphic line chart that shows interest rates at a specific point for all securities having equal risk, but different maturity dates. For bonds, it typically compares the 2 or 5 year treasury with the 30 year.

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